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2 Day Hypnobirthing Workshop


2 day hypnobirthing workshop. Covering all types of births and the 4th trimester.

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Hypnobirthing is a scientific approach to birth. It will enable mum and birth partner to feel fully empowered and have a positive experience. Birth doesn’t have to be scary, after all, it was designed to feel good!
During this full antenatal course you will discover:
  • All about how mum’s body is working before and during labour.
  • Relaxation techniques that will help get you into labour and be used as a  tool during labour.
  • Possible scenarios of what could happen on the day and how we can use hypnobirthing for each scenario including c-section.
  • How your birth partner plays an active role during labour.
  • Recognising early stages of labour and how to get into labour.
  • 4th trimester, including basic feeding advice.
This is an educational course approved by The Royal College Of Midwives. I try my best to teach in a relaxed but interactive way, allowing for bonding between all parents on the course and creating a safe space where everybody will feel heard.
Each couple will receive access to MP3s, affirmation cards and a private ongoing Facebook support group hosted by the Calm Births Head office. I offer each birthing person a free catch up call closer to due date to check in and go over anything that you wish to, as well as ongoing messenger support
I look forward to seeing you in class.

Woodbury Village Hall


28th&29th May