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Birth Stories

Reading other peoples birth stories can be a very powerful tool as you prepare for your own birth. It is so easy to let our heads tell us the same old story that birth is awful and scary BUT, by talking about the positive side of birth, and understanding just how amazing it is, we can start to open up to the possibility that we might also be capable of having a very lovely birth story to tell.

Arthurs birth:

“When we first found out we were having a baby I had only heard a little about hypnobirthing and wasn’t sure exactly what it was but the more I learnt, the more I wanted to add this into my birth plan.
Tom was able to be such a big part of the birthing journey and was a great support to me throughout. This also meant that as we had this wonderful experience together, our relationship has now grown stronger.
We would not change a single part of our labour journey and I can genuinely say I am proud, happy, over the moon, with how every moment went. I feel that the positive language and affirmations helped keep us calm and so happy with our birth. Even though I was unable to actually deliver baby Arthur in the pool as I had originally wanted, everything still went smoothly.
The calm nature of the midwives meant in a few more surges and after just a few hours of labour overall, we bought our beautiful boy into the world.
I am so happy to say I used no gas and air, it was all natural, and this is something I didn’t ever believe I could do, but for the first time my body made me so proud! Hypnobirthing gave me the belief and the calm I needed to have the best birthing experience!”
May 2020

Elodies Birth

I was a little apprehensive in the lead up to Elodie’s birth as she was 5 days late and there was talk about sweeps and induction. Also as she was our 2nd child we were a little worried about mum getting to us in time (30 mins drive away) to look after our first born Tabitha. Tabitha was born quickly and we had been warned this could happen again. I woke up with a slight tummy ache about 7.30 am and text mum to let her know but said don’t worry about coming over yet. By 8am the surges had got more frequent and I asked mum to come over just in case. By the time mum arrived at 8.45am the surges were strong and fairly frequent. The breathing techniques Alice taught us really helped and ensured I stayed calm, this was particularly important to me with Tabitha around. At 9.30am my waters went and the surges increased. We rang the hospital twice in 10 minutes and the 2nd time we rang we agreed I could go in. We managed to get me into the car slowly and i travelled to the hospital whilst concentrating on my breathing and closing my eyes to put myself into the mindset to go with what my body was telling me. We arrived about 10.20am and after a tense wait in reception were let into the birth centre. I had planned a water birth but I did not quite make it to the lagoon room. The midwife ushered me into the nearest room to discover her head had been delivered in the corridor. After one push Elodie was born and caught by the midwife. My husband had to hand over some towels as it all happened so quickly. I sat on the bed with our beautiful little girl on my chest and couldn’t quite believe how quick she had arrived. My body knew exactly what it was doing and it’s incredible how your body takes over when it needs too. Our prior chats with Alice around these mindsets had really helped on the day and allowed me to trust my body and just go with the process. We had some lovely time together, Elodie, my husband and me, in the birth centre room and headed home about 3pm.
October 2020

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